VideoProc Converter AI: One-Stop AI Video/Image Enhancer for 2024

The VideoProc Converter, which we’ve reviewed before, serves a range of multimedia needs, such as downloading videos and audios, recording your computer screen, editing videos, and converting video files.

If you want to learn more about the application’s basic functions, you can check out our previous post. This article, however, will cover the updated version called VideoProc Converter AI.

VideoProd AIVideoProd AI

With the addition of artificial intelligence, this version brings new capabilities including Super Resolution, Frame Interpolation, and Stabilization. These tools help upscale videos to 4K and images to 10K, smooth out videos, and stabilize footage to improve overall video quality.

Before we discuss the AI enhancements in detail, here’s a quick re-cap of what this app can do:

Video Conversion

VideoProc supports over 320 video codecs and formats like MP4, HEVC, and AVI, optimizing videos for devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Androids, as well as platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

Video Enhancement

This feature smooths out and enhances video quality by removing defects like shake and fisheye effects, correcting colors, and reducing noise, keeping the original quality intact.

Editing Tools

VideoProc also provides 29 tools for quick video editing tasks, including cutting, merging, cropping, and adding effects, alongside advanced options for color adjustment, audio edits, and speed modifications.

Media Downloads

The Media Downloads feature allows downloading from over 3,000 websites, including video, music, and subtitles. It also allows batch downloads and converts media into various formats and resolutions.

Screen and Webcam Recording

Capture your computer screen or webcam with options for picture-in-picture and green screen effects. Useful for creating videos for gameplay, tutorials, and more, with tools for marking and highlighting important segments.

New AI Features

Now, let’s explore the latest AI features added to VideoProc Converter.

1. Super Resolution

Super Resolution in VideoProc Converter AI improves and upscales videos to 4K and images to 8K/10K. It enhances the quality of AI-generated images, old films, reality videos, and animations, providing high-quality output with maintained detail.

This feature supports upscaling by up to 400%, suitable for AI art, personal footage, or historical archives, enabling viewing or printing at higher resolutions with improved clarity.

Digiarty Software has unveiled VideoProc Converter AI 7.0, its largest update to date. This update introduces new AI models designed to enhance videos and images, offering super-resolution for greater detail:

  • Gen Detail: Generates more details, clarity, and sharpness in videos and images, significantly improving perceptual quality.
  • Real Smooth: Provides video and image restoration, smoothing, flaw elimination, and enhanced fidelity.

Here are some examples of what the app can do for low-resolution images and videos:

Enhanced old imageEnhanced old image
Enhance an old image
Upscaled low-res videoUpscaled low-res video
Upscale a low-resolution video
Upscaled anime videoUpscaled anime video
Upscale an anime video
3. Frame Interpolation

Frame Interpolation in VideoProc Converter AI uses deep learning to improve video fluidity by increasing frame rates up to 480FPS. It generates additional frames to convert low-FPS videos to higher FPS, ensuring smoother motion and more refined slow-motion effects.

This feature is useful for enhancing old footage, unifying frame rates for editing, or creating special effects, delivering precise and smooth video transformations.

Watch the following video to learn more about this feature:

<h5 id="AI_Stabilization3. AI Stabilization

The AI Stabilization feature in VideoProc Converter AI effectively reduces camera shake, enhancing the stability and clarity of video footage.

This tool adjusts stabilization intensity and cropping to accommodate different filming conditions, ensuring maintained video quality. It works well for videos with complex movements or notable jitters, stabilizing footage without affecting the original resolution.

Watch the following video to learn more about this feature:

Putting Its AI Feature to a Test

To assess the AI features, we decided to conduct a quick test, specifically using the Super Resolution feature to see how it handles upscaling a low-resolution image.

Below is the original image at 1920×1434 pixels, which you may notice is slightly blurry even at full scale.

Blurry low-resolution imageBlurry low-resolution image

After downloading and installing the app, we selected the “Super Resolution” icon from the app’s main interface.

App's main menuApp's main menu

We then dragged our image in, chose to scale it up by 2x using the default settings, and clicked the Run button.

Exporting the imageExporting the image

The process of upscaling and processing the image then began and took a while to complete.

Upscaling processUpscaling process

Here is the upscaled image once it was finished:

Upscaled imageUpscaled image

You can download both the before and after images to compare their quality, or see the image below for a direct comparison.

Before and after comparisonBefore and after comparison

Following the upscale with Super Resolution, the image appears clearer, with elements like rocks, clouds, and mountains looking sharper, even when zoomed in.

Additionally, the noise present in the original image has been significantly reduced.

How Much Does VideoProc Converter AI Cost?

One important note: at the time this review is written, the AI features are only available for the Windows version of the app; the Mac version is not available yet.

VideoProc Converter AI can be downloaded for free, and its AI features are available in the free version, albeit with certain restrictions.

Here’s what you can do with the free giveaway version:

  • Access all features in V6.4
  • Convert, resize, download, edit, and record
  • AI video/image enhancement with old models
  • Latest AI models are disabled
  • Free updates are disabled

For the full version, which has no restrictions, the costs are as follows:

  1. $25.95 per year for 3 machines
  2. $29.95 one-time payment for 1 machine (62% off)

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