Boost Your Freelance Career with Strategic Pro Bono Work

Are you new to web design, development, writing, or any creative field and finding your portfolio a bit thin? In a market flooded with seasoned professionals, newcomers often struggle to stand out. So, what’s your edge? Overcoming this initial hurdle might seem daunting, but there’s a strategy worth considering.

Consider offering your services on a pro bono basis to build a robust professional portfolio. Curious about how this can help? Here’s a concise guide on leveraging pro bono projects to attract more paying gigs.

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Understanding Pro Bono Work

Pro bono—essentially professional work done free of charge—serves a public good and, in the freelance world, enhances a freelancer’s image. However, opinions on pro bono work are sharply divided. While some professionals criticize it for undervaluing the industry, others advocate its benefits, especially for newcomers.

Those against pro bono argue that it leads to artists underselling themselves and becoming easy targets for clients looking for cheap labor. But rather than simply rejecting these offers, why not turn them into opportunities? Use these experiences to build your portfolio and credibility.

The Challenges of Starting in Freelancing

Typically, high-paying projects are reserved for the experienced. No matter your skill level, without a significant online presence, breaking into the field can be tough.

Establishing an online presence is crucial.

When I began my freelance writing career shortly after university, the lack of published work was a major barrier. My break came only after I completed a project for free, which led to referrals and more work.

pro-bono designpro-bono design

If you’re new to the field, consider initially lowering your rates—a strategy I never thought I’d endorse. For example, if a project typically budgets around $2000, you might offer a 25-50% discount. For a single-day project, you could even propose to do it for free.

However, being the lowest bidder might suggest lower quality. Counter this by clearly communicating your situation: you’re offering a lower rate because you’re building your presence, but you will deliver top-notch results.

Selecting Projects with Potential

Not every project is worth your time. Be selective and choose projects that could lead to additional opportunities. This is crucial for building a sustainable freelance career.

When scouring job boards like Elance or Freelancer, focus on clients with a solid track record of engaging freelancers. This allows you to position yourself for future projects if they are impressed with your work.

How to Work Better with Clients

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How to Work Better with Clients

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pro bono design processpro bono design process

Another effective strategy is to reach out to local businesses or organizations and offer your services. Target entities such as schools, churches, and community groups which often have minimal demands and allow you the freedom to showcase your skills. Furthermore, if you volunteer your services for free, don’t hesitate to ask for a strong testimonial or a referral.

  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Orphanages
  • Interest groups
  • Your favourite local band
  • Your favourite restaurant
  • Politicians (if you’re feeling adventurous)

When choosing an organization, consider three key factors:

Network Influence: Does the organization have connections with others? For example, a band might know other music groups, creating potential for your work to gain rapid exposure within that community.

Reputation: Avoid organizations with poor reputations. Your pro bono work should enhance your image, not tarnish it.

Growth Potential: Engage with organizations that show promise for growth. As they expand and gain popularity, your work will likely receive more exposure, benefiting your portfolio.

These are just guidelines. If you prefer, starting with individual clients can also be beneficial as it adds variety and depth to your portfolio, offering a different kind of boost.

Identifying Effective Pro Bono Opportunities

Many successful companies and freelancers incorporate pro bono work into their regular activities. For instance, web hosting companies often hold giveaways, providing a year of service for free, which in return, garners significant publicity. Similarly, graphic artists frequently share free resources like business card templates, logos, and fonts on platforms such as Behance, Dafont, DeviantArt, and Dribbble.

Why is this strategy effective? People love freebies. Such offerings attract attention and can generate positive buzz. For web designers and developers, distributing free website templates not only draws traffic to your site but also enhances your portfolio.

choose pro bono projectchoose pro bono project

The underlying principle is simple: offering your services or products for free initially can pave the way to gaining customers who are willing to pay for your work if they like what they see.

Rejecting Speculative (Spec) Work

Spec work can often be confused with pro bono but the two are very different. Spec work, which involves creating something based on a client’s brief without guarantee of payment, is inherently risky. Clients often solicit multiple freelancers and only pay for the piece they select, if any.

The harsh reality is that after all your effort, you might not receive any compensation, recognition, or leads for more work. Avoid spec work; it not only exploits your talent but also perpetuates a cycle that preys on newcomers.

Pro bono work is beneficial not just for new freelancers but also for seasoned professionals experiencing a dry spell. It’s about continually advancing your career and building your portfolio, one step at a time. Remember, always keep moving forward, even if it’s with small, strategic steps.

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